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review: veer cruiser wagon.

  hi friends,  when theo first started walking around his 1st birthday in january, we wanted to encourage walking and exploring the world as much as possible, but still wanted to have something to keep him safe when needed, without having to carry him. we have the uppababy vista for our stroller and used that thing every day year-round for over a year. i may do a stroller review later about that to show you all the amazing terrain we conquered with the stroller. we researched a ton of wagon and stroller wagon options and ultimately decided on the veer cruiser wagon which is perfect for our family and i haven't looked back. **disclsoure: this is not an ad. well, it is in the sense that i personally think everyone i know should know about this wagon, and i do get alot of questions about it when i post videos of theo BUT, it's not sponsored by any company or brand. mike and i bought it ourselves.** here's the wagon: here are some specs important for families: the wheels are r

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